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A briefish history

Translated from the Chinese via Roundtrip:

In the 1980's later periods, (what suffers damage by the forebody with the drooling celebrity inspires hears from me), the boy names Zebulon Nuerwith joins the force and forms this banage strip with Mr. Starbuck brings Flitus. Although records does not survive, we extrapolate, they are the revolutions. The talent glimpes certain testimony " they puzzles in the “staircase in the foolish matter to the heaven,” is given the power “gets down the escalator to Hades.”

The next project is dies young: The about 3 hours are accurate, according to originate. When this belt is now known takes Milk Legislative Body, is left that jam occurs in one small cement building cow is ever milked record shade is possesses in village NE Ohio. The focusing includes the song “Crisp Fritter Biscuit” and “Foot And The Pepper.” Recorded the shade is not may obtain to by now.

But the true history constructs to The Lotus Flower is that “altercation” textbook hero's west lineage beautiful woman War. Human body Morgan, popsicles blends flavors which with the Bowie phonograph record subtitle military and seven Trix he form new, the vigorous and healthy young people non-nomination outfit curving in the maintenance music complete rich tradition, intelligence fortitude and are pure, the unadulterated technology is ignorant.

This is when he met the muscle and poem Zebulon Nuerwith, felt in music challenges runs away soldier and has not approached one microphone has not smiled completely successful process five years. When they do not agree in some spots, this cooperation progresses when they realize they can obtain together truly drink with do not urinate.

So, with the war after them, they gained some legitimate voice recording equipment and the instrument, the toy and the household item classification. They then convinced hairstylist/guitarist GaryQ because he in fact could play the music, he should join this not pass through the test, only certain future legend belt. GaryQ and the manner knows the ability which interrogates for him.

Transmits on January 1995th brings in. The surprised belt continued in January 13, one practice, one album and one demonstration, but caused the unforgettable hit “Cherry Vanilla,” “The Roadside Pauper Gust of Wind,” “The Conveyer Belt Theme,” which “The Action Sound Super Belt Theme.” and never recorded. Rudy and Morgan drafts outstanding gram crisp fritter biscuit Barrell, Jason Spivey and Kevino the Diablo help. This is the tornado affair but this record expression is identically strange.

The Rare White Squirrel is formed in March 1995th outside the Conveyer belt pitiful/beautiful ash. In several weeks later in the studio to 70SCHLITZ, (in Zebulon fully will realize his Rudy Charismaness first testimony during Conveyer Belt conference) period this result will be the first release which the Rare White Squirrel will sting, “heh heh hey and hey,” 116 songs cacophony shouting about will kick with drooling, will burst lip, Slushees, transvestites, television and squirrel poachers.

Easy to receive the public subsequentially purchase album four copies (the most titles completely are then may obtain in Athens, Ohio's Botulism music label, and one anxious RWS starts to be engaged in their under distributes: Ambitious and compromised dual album “Duck Hunting, Duck Thorn.”

So this belt returns to this studio and the record 33 first songs, but has edits this records the excruciating duty gets down to 27 reduction because the spatial limitation (the Botulism release “{Is Rare} Rare White Squirrel” characteristic some these outtakes for the power adds on other unreleased Rare Rhite Squirrelities). Unexpectedly manages this belt has not been able to discover the violin or any string replacement, the yellow copper is believes firmly to Botulism, “The Duck Hunting, The Duck Punctures” Collector's Edition release sells well they the first performance. They said they think it do even if specially shines the film pot packing defeat.

The Rare White Squirrel and distributes the viper which one underappreciated phonograph record is called “Russell” can be completest, explicit RWS there is. Why? Dunno.

In the summer in 1995, took one side project, the Rudy travel stretched across the condition and the record into Desk Food Convention EP record and by the Andy Kang Lie De some songs, it send the signal temporarily leave are Mr. Charisma. The cover art take cat's butthole full color drawing as the characteristic. That is quite cool.

And, in attacked and remembers always entire understood the music world the migration, the brilliant concept album led by Rudy peacefully secretly to walk outside this studio to 70SCHLITZ.

Simply adds the title “The Dugout Canoe Tragedy Album,” this sound record broke through always separates the death by the dugout canoe and the music that barrier. This 11 songs WünderAlbüm follows by 6 songs EP two releases touches these heartstrings is involved in the violent dugout canoe experience, or lost A loves one pair that is dangerous and the crazy waterwheel.

In dangerously lives in the spirit, Rudy and Morgan leaves their shoe and snuck enters dances the studio builds to university's execution art for the recording piano track for “In The Width River.”

Takes historical bonus which increases, you should know that Jonny, is unfortunate and dies resembles the dog acts the leading role in “My You, Miss Jonny,” is lives side 70SCHLITZ exceptionally, greatly nearby child's sad pet which leads. They like with the water truly early morning playing. This philosophy has no intention, certain children which pleasant to the ear arrives after brothers fights mutually: “The life is difficult; but it are too difficultly died.” That disproportionately summarizes “The Dugout Canoe Tragedy Album,” but, um, boils.

Then unexpected occurrence. The Conveyer Belt reforms for second and the final album. These hear it to pledge, “The Drunk Care,” “The Guerrilla Girl,” “The Resistance Race” and “Thinks I Did” are manufacture inside the happiest song to 70SCHLITZ. And in “Chavez,” Morgan and Rudy finally realizes does includes one violin track the song their dream, Al the Puke politeness strikes the Grandma fame.

The truth, only the primitive Conveyer Belt two members are the involvements, makes sense because has truly the only two initial members starts with. The RWS alumnus and clean GaryQ joins, contributes terrified beautiful “Is Rusted Queen The Person Wool Bone Queen” and “Thinks I Did” when the help and geetar shit “Forgot Your Ear In You.” Mike Eliot masterminded contact “Drunk Care” and performance in several other tracks. Morgan and Rudy cooperation in greatly many other songs.

Has about this legitimate some debate because of one real Conveyer Belt record. Indeed, I discover it are the RWS continuation and the maturation. But Rudy decided regarded as its Conveyer Belt sends the trade it first time comes out. Is issued compared with the newest copy under quite suitable Rare White Squirrel moniker.

Finally we arrive the Rudy special summons strength the first performance solo album, “Big Street Ultranight.” Has does not say. Obviously, he by him from that small Ohio town inspiration sudden removal to one quite big city. The rumor is, the most fearful part is you obtains your driver's license place. The album magnificent sight and moronic and I do not affirm I understand the word it. But that is the Rudy special summons strength. “We like very many,” Morgan said The Lotus Flower, speaks for has not heard it certain people.

Then the Rudy operation calls Napolean Solo And Other with some personal name for Mr. Nappy Solo in the belt. Rudy is other. Some good songs (and bad hangover) comes out from that cooperation.

Rudy will distribute several other phonograph records next husbands and wives year — some changes quite well, some will change quite badly. Some justice obtain. They speak for themselves, when you can understand any thing.

The Rudy Special Summons Strength recording surpassed 250 first songs in three years which we knows. In 1997 he suddenly retired and have not heard after that. This page is meagerly presents tribute to his card type magnetic tape and the force. (Note: I are not the Rudy Special Summons Strength — stop requesting me to interview!)



The Belts
“maximumBELTS” (1995)

· Roadside Pauper Blast
· Cherry Vanilla
· Fortune Cookie (Revisited)
· The Action Sound Super Band Theme (Free MP3)
· I Like Lots of Sauce
· Moving Furniture
· Hey. What.
· Somethin' Stupid
· God Potato
· Raymond
· The Bizarre World of the Peeping Tom
· People in Lines
· Mikey (Welcome to Bulgaria)
· Petting Fetish

Rare White Squirrel
“Hey Hey Hey and Hey” (1995)

· The Kick and Drool Song
· Watch Yer Nose (Free MP3)
· Thick Circus Buttfuck
· Makeout '86
· I Forgot the Coupons Again
· Medicine is a Cat
· I, Too, Am Fuzzy
· Lake Erie
· Alpha Springs
· Tv Boner
· The Ballad of Phill the Squirrel Poacher
· It Came Out My Nose
· Sunslinter
· Chapped Lips
· Back Off, Gladys
· Fuzzy Reprise

Rare White Squirrel
“Duck Hunt, Duck Stab” (1995)

· Death Is an Asshole
· Alpha Springs Revisited
· Acceleration Blues
· Mr. Salty Sweat
· Gangin' Up On The Radio (Free MP3)
· Mission Park
· I'm a Smart Guy
· Fan Mail
· Duck Hunt, Duck Stab
· Metalwörm
· Vroom, Fuckin' Vroom Vroom
· The Simple L.V.
· Romance in My Pants
· Bobo Got A Boo-Boo
· How to Buy Meat for Your Freezer
· Running with the Night
· I'm Skinny
· Predicates, Predicates
· Gettin' Lazy on Susan
· Astroglide
· Hush
· Splinter Wound
· Poodle Nation
· Justin Time
· Ham On Rye
· Theme From RWS
· Baby got an Elevator

Rare White Squirrel
“The (Rare) Rare White Squirrel” (1995)

· You Stole the Toes
· Lead-Containing Paint
· American Boy
· Appalachian Butthole Fish
· The King of Swing & Gout
· Fat Cat Blues
· Meep
· A Kid in a 2-Tone Car
· Skinny Boy Floyd
· That
· Transvestite Actress
· Um
· Very Ceremonial

Rare White Squirrel
“Russel's Viper” (1995)

· Imported Dutch Bleu Cheese
· Minki Lifts the Loot
· I'm Falling
· No Vision
· Izzabelle is a Jerk
· Everybody Wang Chung
· Four Maybe/Watch Hats in Making
· The Wacki Wacki Fruitcake
· The People Were on Fire
· Foul Moon Of Nevada Nights
· Andra Might Set You Free
· I Hate Rock 'n' Roll

Desk Eater Convention
S/T (1995)

· Outside the Sparrow's Home
· Double Tan Faker
· Your Manta Ray
· The Smelly Boys

Canoe Tragedies
“Album” (1995)

· Nobody's Laughin'
· I Miss You, Jonny
· Riverbed
· No River (Don't Take Me Now)
· Meteorite March
· Tragedy at Moonville
· The Killer (Free MP3)
· On the Wide River
· Run Dry
· My Canoe

Canoe Tragedies
“Tragedy at Moonville EP” (1995)

· Tragedy at Moonville (Demo)
· The Killer
· I Miss You, Jonny
· The Exchange Students
· When Yer a Senator
· Over the Side

Rare White Squirrel
“The Salubrious Return of...” (1995)

· Cool Wait
· Drunken Concern
· You Forgot Your Ears
· Guerilla Girl
· Rusty Queen
· 2:54
· Blue Moon
· Drag Racing
· The Smelly Boys
· The Self-Reproducing Meat Pit
· Casserole
· A Happy Little Tree
· Hey You, Give It To Me
· Think I Made Out
· Cherry Vanilla Reprise
· 666 Swing Shuttle
· Chavez

Rudy Charisma
“Main Street Ultranight” (1995)

· Main Street Ultranight
· Repetitive Cowboy Lament Disorder (Darlin') (Free MP3)
· Rudy's First Fight, Rudy's First Kiss
· I Wanna Be Yer Dog/Audio-Erotic Asphyxiation
· Beef Stroganoff, Beef Jerkynoff
· Sol-yah!
· It's Good To Be Dead
· M Is Fer Muscle
· Interior of a Shiny Pant
· Tiny Plastic Toy Boat
· Then We Could Joust
· The Amy & Ted Experience
· Broken Mcfergus
· Bad Is Bad
· Lift Up Yer Shirt and Charm Me
· Mushroom The Ritz

Rudy Charisma
“Cool Circus” (1996)

· Rudifixion, Part I
· (Ghost of a)
· Bless the Daring Postman (Free MP3)
· Sexythroatpain
· The Cogitable Vegetables
· Free Gasoline
· Reflective Food
· Don't Skim On Me Baby, I Want 2% of Your Luv
· Song Called Stan
· Artmatic Intermission
· I Know the Level of My Nose
· Dead Spödle the Dog Song
· She Leaned Her Head Against the Door
· Waiting for Crime
· Patsy Cline
· Little Manuevers, Common Sins
· Rose's Hips
· Gore Vidal's Hot Tub In THX
· I Give Concerts
· Rudifixion, Part II

 NEW! Read the liner notes by Nappy Solo!

Rudy Charisma
“Revisionist Torture Theories” (1996 microcassette-only release)

· The Ballad of Twitch Purple
· Share Yer Toys!
· Girlfriend
· Big Little
· Geriatric Luxury
· Pepe's Blues
· Pepe's Blues Respise
· Donde Esta La Casa De Pepé?
· The Unexpected Dance Track
· My Blue Velvet
· Stealing Babies
· Trystiltree
· Because You Came to Reno (in Nevada)
· These are all Polaroids
· New Purple
· I Couldn't Dance
· Sringara
· Cabin

Rudy Charisma
“Of the Vibe of the Church of the Loop” (1996)

· Killbillkillkill
· Clankloop
· Turn on Your Mama Light
· Dénouement
· Hyooloop
· Screeloop
· Fancybuzz #1
· Fancybuzz #2
· Fancybuzz #3
· Screeprise
· Rosebud (Mix #1)
· Rosebud (Mix #2)

Napolean Solo and The Others
“The Bipolar Express” (1996)

· When I Join the Wrong Side (Free MP3)
· Humble Chinese Mornings
· Johnny & Rat's Last Ride
· I Saw Ericka Whip Kevin's Ass
· Understanding for Dogs
· Now We Can Begin
· Blueblood's Great Revenge
· Campfire Song (Live)
· Enon Valley
· Delicious Party
· Russian Holiday

Rudy Charisma
“Belt Avenue LP” (1996)

· Blessed Nipple Hair
· City Make Me Freak It (Free MP3)
· Far-Out Martini
· World Champion of Tremendousness
· Yeah! Earl!
· 1950
· Trish Brown, Meteorologist
· 8-Ball for Lovers Only
· Sayfé's Wänderlüst
· The Spice Must Flow
· Airplane Song
· Someone's Kidneys (Floor Mix)
· When They Die
· The Singer's Naked

Rudy Charisma
“Analog Hijack” (1997)

· High-Octane Freakbeat
· When the Wings Float / No Muchacho / Get to Work Josh / O My God it's Frank
· Yummy
· Anything But That
· Why Did You Hide that Photo of Your Pierced Nipple from Me?
· Marion
· Jasper
· Solar Power
· Trompe le Mud
· 12 Pickups Satan-Bound
· Fire is Hot #2
· Mono
· Pookie Rooster
· High 5
· Out in the Barn (The Ballad of 4)
· Little Lord Fauntleroy
· Bonnie's Got A Chartreuse Aura
· Fucking with Texas

Rudy Charisma
“In One Ear and Out Your Mother” (1997)

· A Beautiful Sight
· Electric Seizure System
· In Our Underwear
· Carry On, Dead Man (Free MP3)
· Someone's Kidneys (Bed Mix)
· Jane
· I Wish I Was Australian
· Sally in the Garden
· 4-Track Yee-Haw
· Bad Valium
· You've Seen Kate Naked
· Leon the Stiff
· Someone's Kidneys (Couch Mix)
· Small Sad Song (Free MP3)

Rudy Charisma
“Botulostism” (1997)

· Fingerpaint the Motor City
· Outtake
· You Devil, You
· Solipsistic Joy (Demo #1)
· Solipsistic Joy (Demo #2)
· Fire Is Hot (#1)
· One Quick Breath
· Pill Spill
· Let Me Die
· The Masturbating Niece (Mix #1)
· The Masturbating Niece (Mix #2)
· I Wanna Speak To My Baby
· Not My Theater
· Sunday Scruzz
· Put Me on the Transplant List
· Bad U Blues
· PoBoDit
· Put the Knife Away
· The BigGroovyNoodleSutra Medley
· 18 Cases of Beer in a Fuckin' Winnebago / Soft Shirts
· F
· Slight Limestone

Rudy Charisma
“The Smogbottom Demos” (2003)

· The Battle for Smogbottom
· Beastly Captain
· Gemini Zero
· Halo 5000

Rudy Charisma
“The RPM Covers Project: Monkey vs. Robot” (2006)

· Monkey vs. Robot (more info)

Reddy Killsalot
“The RPM Covers Project: Monkey vs. Robot” (2006)

· Monkey vs. Robot

Rudy Charisma
“Start Me Up” Single (1997/2014)

· Start Me Up10,926 (more info)

These good folks played and/or sang and/or composed on some of the above musicalness: Morgan the Lotus, Nappy Solo, Gary Brownstein, Bohb, Jason Frederick, Matt Hanrahan, Kevino Diablo, Mike Eliot, another boy named Mike, Christine the Strehl, Al Puke, and Andy Conrad. Specifically, many of the songs are © Rudy's friends and collaborators, especially Morgan and Nappy. Some songs/samples are © bands like The Stooges, Huey Lewis & the News, Lionel Richie, Glass Harp, Ennio Morricone, The Rolling Stones, James Kochalka, Ministry, Wang Chung, Schoolhouse Rock, and several TV shows and films.

©1995-2014 Rudy Charisma and Botulism Music. Don't steal! Disclaimer: No talent was harmed in the making of these recordings. In fact, apparently it wasn't even used. (First posted 9 Dec 2000 | Last updated 11 Jan 2014)

I am not Rudy Charisma — stop asking me for interviews!

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