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Every week I used to find a cool weblog (sometimes a local St. Louis blog) or some useful, interesting web site from here or there and write up a brief on it for the Sunday Everyday section Tuesday Here and Now section in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (I used to work there as Features Photo Editor). That's about it. Not much action here anymore. More of my stuff can be seen here: keaggy.com.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

It's Jim!

It's Jim! And Jim can be a funny guy. Recent post: "I found an arrowhead while digging a hole in my front yard. The guys all just said 'Wow!' The ladies said '"Why were you digging the hole?'" Read more of Jim's everyday adventures in Madison County at its-jim.blogspot.com.

(UPDATE 3 Oct 2005: Looks like Jim threw in the towel and quit blogging. The link now resolves to some other guy's web site called Far West Horizon. The other guy does not appear to be as funny as Jim.)

Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Mirror Project

Ever take a picture of yourself in the mirror, or maybe reflected in the window, in chrome or a puddle? Then check out the Mirror Project, a web community where you can share your most reflective self-portraits.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Daddy Types: The weblog for new dads

It's not news that 20- and 30-something guys love gadgets, ironic t-shirts and books with pictures. But guys especially love those things when they can buy them for their new babies. Daddy Types features product reviews and news links about parenting for hip dads with cool kids.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Here's all we know about St. Louis photoblogger Joseph Holst (jyoseph) from his web site: Age, 26; Location, St. Louis; Status, Married -- but we quickly figured out that he takes some pretty pictures, including this photoblog post on Lacede's Landing: "One of the first areas I became aquainted with in St. Louis. I worked down at the Spaghetti Factory which is where I met my wife. I was her server (and still serving to this day!) :)"