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Every week I used to find a cool weblog (sometimes a local St. Louis blog) or some useful, interesting web site from here or there and write up a brief on it for the Sunday Everyday section Tuesday Here and Now section in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (I used to work there as Features Photo Editor). That's about it. Not much action here anymore. More of my stuff can be seen here: keaggy.com.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Tuesday marks the 27th anniversary of Skylab's demise. Five years after the last mission, solar activity had decayed the space station's orbit and it reentered the atmosphere. NASA's nerves were frazzled as thousands of guys in ties hoped it would burn up over an unpopulated area. It did, and the re-entry display was spectacular -- for a few people in the Indian Ocean and Western Australia -- but you can see amazing space sights every day at NASA's long-running Astronomy Picture of the Day. Space out at: antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov.