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All the shirts designs you see here are custom-built and for sale through cafepress.com. Feel free to spend a safe, but fulfilling, amount of money. Some of these designs may be available on other shirts, hats, mugs, mouse pads, etc. Click through to see... The backs of most shirts simply say keaggy.com/shirtFactory in cute, small letters.

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Hella Kitty | A great choice for your spicy devil girl! Or for yourself if you're a spicy devil girl! | Details Hungover | Why hide it? You think you can, but you can't. Everyone knows. So be proud. | Details Rat dinner | An exquisite piece of work. A person, a rat, a fire. What more do you need? | Details

You and your SUV suck | Don't mince words. Let everyone know you think SUVs and their owners are stupid. | Details I'm with Luddite | A real modern statement for real modern people with real stupid friends (or family). | Details Rudy Charisma | This shirt celebrates Rudy's double CD retrospective. | Details

disGreetings | Support independent greeting cards. Especially really rude ones, you stupid jerk! | Details Zero Road | Panoramic slice of life scene from middle America. Despressing, uplifting and serene. | Details Man, eating bacon | You know bacon is yummy. Just you don't try to deny it, y'hear? | Details