Reddy Kilowatt wasn’t the first corporate spokestoon…

Here’s some info from Don Markstein’s Toonopedia web site:

Reddy debuted on March 11, 1926. He wasn’t just APC’s spokestoon, but was offered to other local power companies as well. Philadelphia Electric Company was the first of over 200 to license the character. Since then, Reddy’s image has appeared on billboards, company stationery, newspaper and magazine ads, give-away merchandise, and everywhere else a toon can appear — including, of course, comics and animation.


  1. Kathleen A. Leigh

    My father, Edward J. Amole died on June 7,2008 at age 101. He worked for the Philadelphia Electric Company, later PECO, for 43 years. When I was a kid, I loved Reddy Kilowatt. I had a few lapel pins, and I looked for Reddy in, I believe, the Current News. After my dad passed away, I found a Reddy Kilowatt tie clip in his jewelry box. What memories that brought back!

  2. Eileen McKenna MacCormac

    I worked at PECO for 20 years. My friend Mary Anne Stern’s fathern Matt played Reddy Kilowatt. You could see him at company picnics and corporate events.