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Tremendousness made a video about mail-in voting. Care! Watch it! Vote! Please!


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Working Out Loud

I collaborated with Change Agents Wordwide and Salesforce on this Tremendousness project. I wrote the script, did the storyboard and CD’d it. Chris Reottger did the illustrations and Jacob Heberlie did the animation. There’s also a companion infographic.

The video is meant to help people understand how social technologies and interactions can be useful in the workplace. As Susan Scrupski put it:

Pleased to announce the fruits of our first “swarm” labor.  We helped the Salesforce Chatter team articulate the WIIFM in working socially.  All social collaboration vendors still deal with adoption challenges, so a short animated video was the perfect tool to pay off these benefits.  Congrats to our team who brainstormed on this and to our creative partner, The Tremendousness Collective.

The video debuted at the Dreamforce ’13 conference.

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