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Tremendousness made a video about mail-in voting. Care! Watch it! Vote! Please!


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The Sugary Infographic

The Sugary Infographic

Tremendousness made a companion infographic to go with the video. Again, amazing illustrations by Chris Roettger based on an idea by W. Scott Matthews.

Creating “The Sugary Truth” explanation video was a fun learning experience for us. Not only about the topic — added sugars in our foods — but also about our process, the result, and the response.

We really enjoy doing explanation videos. We’ve done a few as Tremendousness and we’ve done a bunchat someothercompanies. But do you know what else we’ve done a lot of in our past lives? Infographics. Plenty.

Regarded with both disdain and awe, most infographics we see these days just aren’t very good — but that’s for another post. Below is Tremendousness’ static version of our “The Sugary Truth” video. If you’ve seen the animation you’ll probably notice a few small changes here and there, and one… medium-ish change. Check it out then keep scrolling. The whole point of this is improve awareness around the sickening abundance of added sugars in our foods.

Read the full blog post here.

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