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The Gamestorming video

Really happy with how this video turned out. My XPLANE collaborators: Chris Roettger, Jacob Heberlie, Scott Matthews, and, of course, Dave Gray.

The future of work is not about dull routine… it’s about being more human.

Gamestorming is a set of best practices compiled from the world’s most innovative people and companies, condensed into a lightweight, low-tech toolkit that applies tools and rules to the problems of collaboration and teamwork.

The approach is a mashup of game principles, game mechanics and work. It’s a set of methods for inventors, explorers, and change agents. A practice made of people, paper and passion.

It’s for people who want to design the future, to change the world, to make, create and innovate. And it’s been compiled into a book by Dave Gray, James Macanufo and Sunni Brown, and published by O’Reilly Media.

Video by XPLANE. Learn more about Gamestorming at

A great video for a great book.

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