Missouri's Katy Trail is America's longest rails to trails project. It runs over 200 miles across more than 2/3 of the state. Diane and I frequently ride parts of the trail closest to St. Louis and it's always fun, so I decided to ride the entire thing when I got the chance. I scheduled May 1-5, 2002 to do it.

I picked up a copy of Brett Dufur's The Complete Katy Trail Guidebook at Left Bank Books and spent several evenings reading about the trail and the small towns along the way, and making plans for camping and sleeping.

After a bike tune-up, a few survival purchases and some conditioning rides along the Mississippi Riverfront Trail, I packed my things and took a train to Sedalia so I could ride the trail back to the St. Louis area.

The experience was excellent; I recommend it to anyone who loves riding bikes and being outside. The Katy Trail is not a tough ride. Most anyone can do it in whatever amount of time suits them. The fun is in the history, the “isolation” and the low-impact workout. Come along...

Postscript: This is the slackest photo editing job I've ever done (I edited 300+ photos down to a mere 100!).


Katy Trail map