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Every week I used to find a cool weblog (sometimes a local St. Louis blog) or some useful, interesting web site from here or there and write up a brief on it for the Sunday Everyday section Tuesday Here and Now section in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (I used to work there as Features Photo Editor). That's about it. Not much action here anymore. More of my stuff can be seen here: keaggy.com.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Free Candy

Free Candy is a non-broadcast, live, unscripted St. Louis-based talk show focusing on local issues, hipsters and happenings. You won't find it on TV or the radio -- if you want to be a part of it, you have to show up at the Hartford Coffee Company, usually on the last Sunday of the month. The hosts say the event owes as much to improv and theater as it does to the talk show genre (and it's 90% funny and 100% free). More info: www.freecandy.net.