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#16 & 17: Fig, Chevre, tomato, basil, prosciutto, NSM | 2011

Yo. Mmmmm.

Dat’s dat, right der.

PS: Was made on organic cranberry bread by Black Bear Bakery.

#14 & 15: Tomato, avocado, capers, olive oil, NSM | 2011

Pretty self-explanatory. I made the toast extra-dry to make up for the extra-juiciness of the homegrown tomatoes (thanks Susanne!).

#12: Prosciutto, Brie, egg

What did you have for lunch? I had this. Well, these.

I fried up two local eggs and served them with sunflower shoots, Prosciutto, Brie, sea salt and cracked pepper on Udi’s gluten-free bread, which I pan-fried.

And a plum on the side.


#04: Poached egg, NSM | 2011

A late breakfast of poached egg (made with this), salsa, avocado, and sea salt.

Served on a Glutino gluten-free English Muffin. These muffins are awesome. They are more like cornbread than an English Muffin. Recommended.

#01: Falafel, NSM | 2011

Yes, the first National Sandwich Month sandwich of 2011 is… falafel.

It was made on Udi’s amazing gluten free whole grain bread (toasted), topped with lemon-salted avocados, Balsamic vinegar- and pepper-soaked tomatoes, and fresh greens.

Happy NSM 2011.

Yours in sandwichery,

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