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The official linkblog, in the classic style, like we did in back the 90s, with our bare hands, and our HTML, and our slow modems, and our invisible GIF magic; except that it's the aughts now, and many of us enjoy broadband wifi, and some of us (not me) can make CSS do amazing things.

Wait, are you still here? If so, why? I just take pictures of other peoples' trash and make fun of people who can't spell.

No. Really.

Some good links:

· The most surprising R.E.M. covers -

· A Redesigned Parking Sign So Simple That You'll Never Get Towed | WIRED

· Ideo Helps Develop New Designed-Minded Journalism Degree | Co.Design | business design

· Love Post-It Notes? You'll Love This New Productivity App That Digitizes Them | Fast Company | Business Innovation

· manifesto

· The Mandate Press


· 41 Genius Camping Hacks You'll Wish You Thought Of Sooner

· The Replacements: The Greatest Band That Never Was | Rolling Stone

· Why Businessweek's Ugly Tim Cook Cover Is Subversive Genius | Co.Design | business design

· The Song That Never Ends: Why Earth, Wind & Fire's 'September' Sustains : NPR

· Comedy vs. anti-science: 10 amazing videos that show how humor can make a difference -

· 5 Tragic Reasons Why the World's Largest Theme Park Stands Abandoned in Ohio | Theme Park Tourist

· CEO Sundays: 12 Tips From A Freshman CEO In #STL Startup Scene | Techli

· Talking stamps: Tiny vinyl record postage stamps that were playable, 1972 | Dangerous Minds

· Jiggity's Essays - Steve Jobs & the Apple Watch

· Technical Difficulties - 070 - Using Slack

· Robert Frank Will Have Exhibition Prints Torn to Shreds After Pop-Up Show in Halifax

· ISSUU - Don't Take Pictures Issue 3 by Don't Take Pictures

· IBM Datagrams Showcase on Vimeo

· For BERG, My London Launchpad | MORNING, COMPUTER

· Jim Cambell Lights Up New York With Shows in Chelsea and Queens

· Bike tricks from 100 years ago (Now THAT is old-school!) : TreeHugger

· Stunning Vintage Photos of Early 1900s Australian Bike Culture | Brain Pickings

· The Bible Reduced To Minimalist Posters | Co.Design | business design

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Yes, I made the above difficult to read on purpose.

And I made the whole pile of shit to the left difficult to navigate. On purpose.

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