A year’s worth of posters

I got it in my head that I wanted to create a new poster every week (oops!) for a year. The visuals and themes are wide open, but each design will feature an original image and a maxim of some sort. Nothing too complicated or ambitious. Just simple and strong. You might think of these as alternative motivational pieces (or, perhaps, mindless platitudes). I see them as ideas and images to keep you sane, inspire you to get things done, appreciate simple things or just get you out of the house to clear your mind. All without the cheesy slogans or stock photography!

Extremely limited editions

Every poster is a limited edition. Just seven prints will be made of each design, all signed and numbered. The format is 13x19 inches, full bleed, with beautiful 8-color printing. Every poster is designed and printed by me in my laboratory. The inks are archival, so along with the high-quality 76lb. paper these prints are guaranteed to look brand-new for nearly a century.

So what’s the cost?

Each individual poster is US$12. You can buy an entire 52-piece collection for an even US$500, which will save you 20%, but remember, there are only seven five sets available (so if you wait too long just a few individual poster sales may preclude the possibility of any complete sets). All payments will be safe and secure through Paypal (still working on that part, sorry) and checks are also accepted. For now, just email me if you’re interested.

And the shipping?

All orders are mailed on Fridays or Saturdays (USPS). Single poster orders have a US$8 shipping fee for the entire world. If you order more than one poster (up to six) it’s still just the flat $8 rate for shipping and handling. Seven or more posters will cost US$12 shipping. If you order the whole set you’ll get a shipment of posters every month and all shipping is free.

Status update

I had to put this on hold halfway through the year. The project will resume one day. Individual posters are available as posted but sets are not.

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