Age: 30
A simple project: Take a photograph of myself every day of my 31st year (age 30, 12 Jan 2001 through 12 Jan 2002). Digital, 35mm, 120, webcam, Polaroid, whatever — as long as I end up with 365 images documenting the year. No real reason, I don't care that I'm 30, it just seemed like a good project.

Date: Friday, 23 Mar 2001
Time: 6:31 p.m. Central Time
Place: XPLANE, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Photo: Webcam
Camera: Quickcam

What was happening: My car died today. Lots of smoke, kinda like Mir. Damn. ...Here's a good thing to be careful of when building useful sites: "...the internal politics of the company or agency producing the web site often takes precedence over the information seeking style of the user..."* Some projects are more difficult than they should be.

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